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About Us

Pompez stands out as a distinctive interior design service, providing three exceptional services that cater to your intimate design needs:

1. Intimate Interior Design: Led by Pez, a Residential Designer and Host, Pompez specializes in crafting personalized and enchanting spaces designed to satisfy your deepest desires. From sensuous furniture to romantic rooms, our meticulous attention to detail ensures an unforgettable and intimate experience in every aspect of your intimate space.

2. Custom Boudoir Furniture: Pompez goes beyond conventional furniture offerings by creating custom boudoir furniture that perfectly complements your intimate space. Each piece is carefully crafted to reflect your unique style and desires, allowing you to indulge in the utmost comfort and luxury while embracing your sensuality.

3. Intimacy Interior Design Consultation with Pez: Pompez offers exclusive consultations with Pez herself. During these consultations, Pez expertly guides you in identifying and embracing your sensuality through interior design. With her expertise and passion, Pez helps you create a discreet and exclusive environment that harmoniously combines your desires with exceptional design aesthetics.

At Pompez, the combination of our personalized approach, passion for creating intimate experiences, and meticulous design expertise ensures that each client receives an unparalleled and unforgettable journey into their most intimate aspirations.

About Pez

I am a residential designer with a passion for creating intimate spaces that exude comfort and intimacy. I create intimate spaces that truly reflect the personalities and lifestyles of my clients. With an eye for detail and a love of intimacy, I am dedicated to designing interiors that focus on celebrating love, sensuality, and fun!

As Host of Pompez, I have made it my mission to help people explore their sensual desires in a safe and supportive environment. Through gentle conversations and personal exploration, I encourage my clients to let go of any shame or hesitation they may have around sexuality and embrace their authentic selves. With a warm and non-judgmental approach, I create a space where people can feel comfortable discussing intimate topics while learning more about their own desires.

My commitment to promoting healthy and open attitudes toward sensuality has earned me a devoted following, and I will continue to inspire others to embrace their sensual side with confidence and curiosity.

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As Host of Pompez, Pez has made it her mission to help people explore their sensual desires through gentle conversations and personal exploration.

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